Filipino Amerasians are abandoned/neglected biracial children (most are adults now) of Filipino mothers and American fathers (Military/Civilian Employees/Contractors) when the US Bases were still open, until it closed in 1993 in the Philippines. Many Filipino Amerasians are searching for their American fathers, some of them are found, but couldn't reunite, because of the very strict immigration laws. Some American fathers are not aware they have children who were left behind. The US Government do not recognize these children as US Citizens and they were even excluded from Public Law 97-359 or Amerasian Act of 1982 (Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, or Thailand only.), which is unfair. Many Filipino Amerasians, still experience economic deprivation and social discrimination until today. I just hope the Obama administration or the US Government will do something to help these children, because they deserve it.